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Death After Life

Kindle Edition $4.99

Paperback Edition $6.99

Theresa Mayfield, a 28 YO counselor, is brutally murdered by her estranged husband, but her death isn't as black and white as she expected and now she must learn quickly how to use what she's become to exact revenge on her husband after he has framed and murdered her new lover for the crime.

When a 21-Year-Old waitress whose life is falling apart receives her deceased grandmother’s diary for her birthday and inadvertently discovers that the diary has remarkable power, she must keep one of her avaricious friends from it while avoiding the consequences of its use.

Sins of Salem

Kindle Edition $3.99

Paperback Edition $6.99

A thirty-something Man of the Cloth searching for his own answers enters a small corrupt town in dire need of salvation, but the cloth doesn't do justice to the man and the salvation he offers may cost him his life.

How To Learn Martial Arts: Or Create Your Own

Kindle Edition 2.99

Paperback Book $ 3 99

Have you ever thought you'd like to learn Martial Arts, but believed it just wasn't possible? The purpose of this book is NOT to teach you the Martial Arts, but to give you some tips and a few things to consider which you may use to get started, and even proficient, in a "way" which is the best fit for you.

Phantastic Adventures of Phibbi The Phrog: Trilogy

Kindle Edition $9.99 Hard Cover Print Edition $24.99
by Eric Joyce (Author), Everett Carter Sr. (Illustrator)

Phantastic Adventures of Phibbi the Phrog is about a little frog that is kind of lonely and ventures out to see if he can find some friends. He meets several interesting friends along the way, but one is not as friendly as he pretends.


Kindle Edition $5.99
by Eric Joyce (Author), Chandra Sekhar Poudyal (Illustrator)

A content spider in a dusty, empty house. Then one day a family moves in and changes everything.

The Frog That Didn't Want To Be Prince

Kindle $9.99
Hard Cover Print Edition $23.99
by Eric E Joyce (Author), Chandra Sekhar Poudyal (Illustrator)

How did the prince become a frog in the first place? Why wouldn't he want to be a prince again?

Gohn The Monster

Kindle $5.99
HardCover Print Edition $23.99
by Eric Joyce (Author), Chandra Sekhar Poudyal (Illustrator)

Gohn The Monster is a children's picture book a little girl who told the author of her fear of monsters after a dream she'd had. She told him that the monster's name was Gohn which sounds like Gone. He told her that Gohn was a good monster and that he would write the book to prove it. This is That!

Whose Are the Shoes You're Trying to Fill?

Kindle Edition $2.99
by Eric Joyce (Author) Meagan Truitt (Illustrator)

This book was written for every young person setting out to decide what they will do with their lives. The title seemed appropriate, since life is about filling shoes...and then walking in them. The sooner our young people decide what they want to do the more comfortable the shoes will be down the path of life. It also seemed appropriate to have a young person illustrate this book; I can’t imagine that I would find one more suited for that task than Meagan Truitt.

Miss Muffett 2.0

Kindle Edition $0.99
by Eric Joyce (Author)Meagan Truitt (Illustrator)

We’ve been cheated for a number of years thinking four lines was all there was to Miss Muffett. Now prepare yourself for Miss Muffett 2.0. This is the whole story as told by Eric E Joyce and illustrated by Meagan Truitt.

This is the second book that Meagan has illustrated for Eric. Keep an eye out for this young lady; already she is showing signs of brilliance.

Miss Muffett 3.0

Kindle Edition $0.99
by Eric Joyce (Author)Meagan Truitt (Illustrator)

From Miss Muffett 2.0, Miss Muffett was frightened away...

Seems that end, left us only woe.

We can't stop now, there is more left to say.

So...Then Miss Muffett stopped and thought,

Why should I run away?

This is a must read! And you won't believe the ending. The sequel to end all sequels, is again illustrated by Meagan Truitt, a wonderfully talented young artist. I haven't the words to thank her

A Frog's Tale: The Whole Story

Kindle Edition $2.99
HardCover Print Edition $19.79

This is a tale about a scared and lonely frog who ventures out one day. A couple of mishaps later he believes he sees his future on the other side of the jungle.

The Wondering Wandering Frog

Kindle $2.99
Hard Cover Print Edition $21.99
by Eric Joyce (Author),Everett Carter Sr. (Illustrator)

A little frog unconcerned, in a tree on one side of the forest.

He has no troubles to speak of, but one day, he starts wondering if there might be something missing in his life and he decides to venture out. His trek through the forest may turn up more than he expects.